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UniGe among the best universities in Europe for quality of teaching



The agency THE - Times Higher Education published on 4 July 2019 the second edition of Europe Teaching Rankings.

The ranking assesses the quality of teaching: about 30% of the score is determined by the result of a questionnaire completed by the students of the universities and the remainder of the score is fixed instead on the basis of indicators to estimate the quality of the resources made available to students, the study environment, the international reputation and the results achieved by the students themselves.

Of the approximately 4,000 universities active in Europe, the ranking included in its list the 258 that were considered the best, belonging to 18 countries.

UniGe was ranked in the range from 126 to 150. A truly brilliant result, considering that:

  • only 8 Italian universities performed better than our University (the number of Italian universities in the ranking is 33)
  • our position means that UniGe is in the top 3.5% of European universities

This is a very important result for UniGe: our students are happy with the university they attend!

Read the full article at the first useful link and, to discover the whole "Europe Teaching Rankings" ranking, visit the second link.