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Il Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Elettronica ti invita a partecipare a due Webinar sul tema della Cybersecurity.

I Webinar saranno tenuti da Spike Reply, società del gruppo Reply specializzata sulle tematiche di cybersecurity e data protection. Il primo appuntamento è per giovedì 13 maggio alle 16; il secondo appuntamento è per giovedì 27 maggio, alle 16. Entrambi i Webinar avranno la durata di un'ora e si terranno su Teams.

Ecco i dettagli dei due Webinar:

13/05/2021, 16.00-17.00

Titolo: Hardware Hacking: Securing the bare metal

Abstract: This session presents a typical work day in a penetration testing company, focusing on the tasks connected with hardware security assessment activities. We will discuss real-world use cases, where customers engage the security team to analyze a wide range of different products, ranging from automotive units to network devices, including basically any embedded peripheral. We will also showcase how hardware attacks can completely subvert existing device security measures, sometimes with totally unexpected implications.

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27/05/2021, 16.00-17.00

Titolo: Hacking neural networks: Adversarial examples

Abstract: In this session we will discuss adversarial machine learning attacks. These attacks are specifically crafted to force a learning machine to output incorrect results, with high confidence. Security, surveillance and automotive ML-based systems proved to be prone to similar attack techniques: researchers recently published how they fooled face recognition systems, people detection systems, automotive lane departure detections systems by introducing perturbations into the inputs (like patches, noise into images, projectors, or other small modifications) that can alter the learning machine behavior, with implication on the safety of people, other than the security of the target systems.

During this talk we will cover following topics:

  • Presentation of real world examples, with possible effects on the security and safety of people dealing with everyday life devices.
  • Analysis of the root causes of these vulnerabilities, with a brief description of different machine learning models and how they can be attacked.
  • Description of possible countermeasures.

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