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Verifica dei prerequisiti

How it works 

If the admission criteria are met, you will have to take a prerequisites assessment in front of a committee to ascertain your general knowledge.

The test is carried out in the form of a written test or a public interview and is aimed at assessing your general preparation, with particular reference to the knowledge of the fundamental notions and of the applicative and professional aspects related to the specific classes of engineering.

You must also prove that you have adequate knowledge of English by providing an appropriate certificate or, in the absence thereof, by passing the B2 test organized by the Language Skills Development Sector of the University of Genoa (ex-CLAT UniGe). The English proficiency requirement is also satisfied if the student holds a degree in English, to be certified through an official document or letter issued by the corresponding university and indicating that his/her studies were pursued in English. If the previous conditions are not fulfilled, English proficiency must be evaluated within the aforementioned personal preparation test by the corresponding Examination Committee. In this last case, the ability to use the English language fluently is also among the subjects of this test.


If you have obtained a score equal to or higher than 9/10 of the maximum score of the Bachelor's degree that meets the requirements of the curriculum, or you have obtained a final grade corresponding to the "A" classification of the ECTS system, you are exempt from the individual preparation test.

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