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Cosa studierai

IME is a two-year program of 120 CFUs ('credito formativo universitario' equivalent to ECTS in EU nomenclature).

Main subjects:

  • Computer graphics
    Basic elements of Computer Graphics
  • Digital communications
    Digital modulation techniques, basics of Information Theory
  • Mathematical methods and operations research
    Graph optimization problems, dynamic programming, linear partial differential equations; optimization methods, mathematical programming
  • Antennas and electromagnetic propagation
    Fundamentals of antenna design; fundamentals of guided propagation
  • Mobile communications
    Physical layer models and techniques for software radio; Pervasive communications and context awareness
  • Internet technologies: architectures and protocols
    Review of the TCP/IP architecture and protocols; QoS architectures; WLANs: WiFi, Bluetooth; multimedia services; cloud/fog computing and softwarized networks
  • Array signal processing
    Acoustic and underwater signal processing; beamforming; imaging techniques
  • Cognitive telecommunications systems
    Data fusion; Bayesian networks; machine learning; cognitive refinement; case studies in smart spaces, safety, transportation, cognitive radio
  • Image processing and recognition
    Image and pattern classification (statistical pattern recognition, classification); Digital image processing (filtering, edge detection, segmentation, texture analysis, data fusion)
  • Quality of service and performance evaluation
    QoS networking principles and architectures, SDN, DTN; Models and queueing theory for network performance evaluation
  • Internet applications
    Application layer protocols, web services, REST interfaces, principles of cloud computing, app programming
  • Remote sensing and setellite images
    Basic concepts of active and passive remote sensing; satellite image formation and processing
  • Cyber security
    Security in Telecommunication Networks, confidentiality, data integrity; Computer System Security, secure programming, web security, access control.