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Verifica dei prerequisiti

How it works 

To be admitted into the course you need to pass a prerequisite assessment. You will have to upload the following documentation on the UniGe OnlineServices portal within the deadlines indicated by the Course. The Committee will determine the adequacy of your career and your preparation according to the following criteria and scores established by the Course.

For all candidates

  • degree certificate including the list of the examination (Transcript of Records) containing the educational objectives of each
  • resume
  • documents assuring the knowledge of English language. In the following case students will be considered to know sufficiently the English language:
    • You have a B2 certificate
    • You obtained a bachelor/master degree taught in English or containing an exam of English language
  • If you do not have any certification and are not in the previous cases, the requirement can be met by passing the B2 test provided by the Language Skills Development Sector of the University - CLAT. You can enroll in the CLAT B2 English test, which is fee-free for prospective Computer Engineering students

For foreign candidates only

  • certification of Italian language knowledge equal to level B1. If you don't have a certification it will not prevent enrollment, but will entail the need to include at least one exam dedicated to learning the Italian language during the course
  • a brief description of the University where the academic degree/s was/were obtained and the syllabus of the courses of the obtained degree/s

According to the documentation, the Committee will assign different scores:

  • adequate knowledge of the Italian language (admitted/not admitted)
  • academic potential (average grades, class rank, GPA...: max. rating 50)
  • the relevance of your first-level degree (max. evaluation 30)
  • quality of the University that has awarded the first-level degree (max evaluation 20)
  • other aspects of your Curriculum Vitae (other qualifications, work experience, professional qualifications, motivation letter, cover letter, etc.) (max. evaluation 10)

If you achieve a score of 85 or higher, you will be admitted to the Master's degree in Computer Engineering.


You will be exempt from the test if you graduated in Italy with a mark equal to or higher than 9/10 of the maximum mark provided by your degree in one of these classes:

  • Electronic Engineering and Information Technology
  • Computer Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Informatics
  • Management Engineering

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