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Prerequisites assessment

How it works 

If the admission criteria are met, you will have to take a prerequisites assessment in front of a committee to ascertain your general knowledge.

The prerequisites assessment consists of a written test (also through a telematic mode, if necessary) aimed at ascertain your general knowledge with particular reference to the knowledge of fundamental notions and of applicative and professional aspects related to engineering issues and is taken in front of a committee designated by the Degree Course Council according to the Academic Regulation of the Degree Course.

Your curriculum and academic preparation will be evaluated according to the following subjects:

  • Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
  • Energy Systems and Machines
  • Electric Systems
  • Chemical Processes

Adequate knowledge of English language is verified by appropriate certificates in the student's possession, achieved no more than 3 years before, or, in the absence thereof, by verification by the University Languages Centre (Settore Sviluppo Competenze Linguistiche di Ateneo). Possession of an English language degree satisfies the requirement of linguistic knowledge, but it is anyway suggested to pass the B2 English test, periodically organized by the University Languages Centre.


If you have obtained at least 9/10 of the maximum score (in the Degrees meeting the curricular requirements) or final marks correspondent to the "A" classification in the ECTS system, you are exonerated from the test.

Where and when

Candidates must send and email to Savona Student Office ( within a given time window (from 10 days to 3 days before Test Date) in Order to Confirm their presence. The email will have the Subject “Admission Test En2”.

Dove e quando

Test preparation

You may find an Example of the test (Closed Question List).