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Rural archaeology campaigns in the Sturla and Aveto Valleys.


Beginning Monday, June 13 , the Laboratory of Archaeology and Environmental History is organizing the 2022 Rural and Landscape Archaeology campaigns in the municipalities of Borzonasca and Rezzoaglio (GE).

Planned are:

  • Architectural archaeology observations in the small village of Castagnello, near Borzone (Borzonasca) and surface archaeology and historical ecology surveys in its territory. The objective is to investigate, inside and outside the settlements, changes in the practices of activation, management and sharing of environmental resources from their material traces (ecofacts and artifacts - with particular reference to the management of water resources, the process of terracing construction and collective resources), in relation to the transformations of settlements and road axes.
  • Surface archaeology and historical ecology investigations in the areas of Bosco Fontana and Foresta delle Lame (Rezzoaglio, GE). The objective is to investigate the traces of human occupation in the diachrony, with particular attention to the dynamics of management and sharing of environmental resources starting from their material traces (ecofacts and artifacts) within historically collective lands and today falling under different patrimonial statuses.

Travel, food and lodging expenses are covered. Regularly enrolled students enjoy accident insurance from the University.

Participation in at least one week of investigations is required.

For information and memberships write to,