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Rolli Days Spring 2023 - Opening of the Villas of Cornigliano (1 CFU)



As part of the cultural event "Rolli days of Spring 2023," promoted and organized by the City of Genoa, with the cultural contribution of ASCOVIL (Association for the Protection and Enhancement of the Palazzi di Villa di Cornigliano) for specific training on Cornigliano and for the on-site management of the event, a Scientific Disclosure activity is proposed for

accompanying the public to the Palazzi di Villa di Cornigliano involved in the event.

Proposed for the days of April 29, 30 and May 1, 2023 are a series of escorted tours lasting two hours each with departure every twenty minutes. Participants will accompany visitors along part of the ancient layout of the villas and will be helped to understand the stratifications of the buildings over the various centuries. During the same, the interiors of

three palaces and two gardens.

The activity includes a training course paid for by Ascovil, consisting of a few hours in the classroom and an inspection, individual preparation and a commitment in the presence at the event on the days of its holding at times to be agreed upon for a total of 25 hours, equal to 1 CFU of other and/or seminar activities.

To participate in the initiative, you must communicate your participation by February 28, 2023 to the email indicating your name, surname, matriculation number and course of study to which you belong. Upon completion of the activity, which will be coordinated by Ascovil

in synergy with Genoa City Council staff and evaluated by them, a related certificate will be issued for Training Credit accreditation.

Upon reaching the necessary number of participants, the proposal will be closed.