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Study profiles of a company - The Pirelli case according to DIEC



The professors of the Department of Economics have prepared a group of 12 videos to try to give an idea of how a company can be studied by examining it from different perspectives.

To understand how this analysis is complex and interesting at the same time, as a case study we chose Pirelli, a well-known company in Italy, a historical brand listed on the stock exchange.

The path begins with an analysis of the company's historical profiles, and then examines the company's ownership, governance and management aspects, strategies, in particular those of internationalization, finance profiles, production process management and approach to marketing and innovation.

It also addresses very topical issues, such as risk management or social and environmental sustainability profiles, the study of financial statements and the stock market listing.

Discover all videos at the useful link.

YouTube">… - UniGe - Il caso Pirelli secondo il DIEC