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Lessons (in presence and/or via Team)



Dear Students

aware of the uncertain situation and grateful for your patience and dedication to your current "student work", while waiting to know, from time to time, from the competent Bodies, the classification of the Liguria Region in yellow or orange zone (classification that you will find on UNIGE Home page every time there is a change), we would like to inform you about the two possible options:

  • If Liguria is in the orange zone: in-person classes are suspended. Non-attendance activities remain allowed, such as curricular laboratories, internships, activities for the completion of the thesis (subject to the agreement of the host structure and restrictive measures in circulation).
  • If Liguria is in the yellow zone: the school has scheduled in-person activities that can be carried out according to the timetable in the link indicated.

At the link you can find the timetable of the lessons and the occupation of the two classrooms dedicated to us.

We recommend to all of you the caution and the respect of the safety rules.