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Graduates in Geological Sciences at the University of Genoa: over 90% employment



Liguria and our country need Geologists for risk prevention, land monitoring, water and energy resources: this is demonstrated by thehigh employment rate of our graduates (See Statistics in Annex).

The data on graduates in Geological Sciences from the University of Genoa from 2014 to date (June 2021; survey conducted by the course of study) show that all are employed in various fields (employees of Bodies, Public and Private Companies, freelancers, teachers, researchers) and in a very large part ( 93%) use in their occupation the professionalism acquired with the master's degree. Alma Laurea 2020 data also indicate employment rates for our master's graduates, 1 and 3 years after graduation, of 80% and 100% respectively.

This result is also the result of contacts with the world of work gained by our students during their internships and thesis.