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Cycle of meetings in preparation for the State Examination for Geologist


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The Course of Studies in Geological Sciences of the University of

Genoa and the Regional Order of Geologists of Liguria organize a series of meetings

series of meetings of preparation for the State Examination for the

for the State Examination for the exercise of the profession of Geologist.

Between 3 and 8 June 2021 at the DISTAV are scheduled six

meetings, including theoretical lesson and practical exercise,

held by freelance geologists, public employees and geologists

Geologists employed by private companies, under the supervision of professors of the course of

of the Geological Sciences course.

The topics covered will range from applied geophysics to technical building

construction techniques, from the geological model for the construction of large

infrastructures to the reclamation of contaminated sites, from geotechnical and hydro

geotechnical and hydrogeological monitoring, geology and geomorphology applied to

geomorphology applied to territorial and urban planning.

The meetings are aimed at new graduates, undergraduates, and all those who have just graduated.

and all those who intend to take the State Examination for Geologist.

for Geologist.