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Extra Erasmus+

Instructions for use.

What is

Extra Erasmus+ is a UniGe-funded program that offers several scholarships to spend a period of study in some non-European countries. The scholarships are disbursed "over-the-counter": on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability.


To participate you must:

  • be duly enrolled for the current academic year
  • not be out of school

N.B.Your host university may also require certain requirements. To learn about them browse the notice.

Are you a non-EU student?

Continue reading.

In order to apply, as a non-EU citizen, you must be legally residing in Italy, according to current immigration regulations (Legislative Decree 286/98 and

How long

The period you will do abroad should be agreed upon with the mobility contact person and indicated in the study program (Annex B) of your Course.

If the host university rejects your application, you are no longer eligible for the scholarship.


Carefully read the notice, in the Important Documents section, to learn about available destinations.


Carefully read the notice to learn about related deadlines.

How to participate?

To figure out how to apply, read the notice and download the application form (Annex A).

Financial contribution

The scholarship (Table 1) is calculated based on:

  • to the ISEE-U you submitted for university enrollment
  • to the geographical band in which you will be doing the Erasmus+ Extra

Reimbursement for travel expenses is paid upon presentation of documentation showing the actual expenses incurred up to the maximum amount indicated in the Table 2 for each destination location.