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I want to become a tutor

Who they are and how to contact them

They are "senior" students enrolled in courses at the School and:

  • constitute the first point of reference for new enrollees
  • carry out orientation and welcome activities for freshmen

In collaboration with faculty and technical-administrative staff:

  • provide information on the procedures to be followed to enter university life, the various facilities of the University and the School
  • they know where to find useful information such as class schedules, location of venues, faculty reception, etc.
  • .
  • help find information on exam schedules, distribution of any teaching materials, registration for activities other than exams
  • facilitate the induction of freshmen for any initial or pathway problems

You can contact them by sending an email to, on Facebook, or by writing to their direct address:

Freshmen Project
. The School participates in UniGe's Freshmen Project to support freshmen and properly launch them into their college career through individual/group monitoring and support actions. Some reception tutors dedicate part of their time to activities related to the project.

If you want to arrange instructional support meetings for yourself or groups of students, you should contact the tutors via email.

You can also contact them on Facebook.