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IANUA enriches your education




IANUA is the Graduate School of the University of Genoa and organizes highly qualified educational pathways, parallel and complementary to university studies, with the contribution of institutions, organizations and businesses, to enrich the scientific and cultural education of deserving students of the University of Genoa, fostering the development of personal skills and professional prospects.

IANUA's pathways are divided into First Level (for students of bachelor's and single-cycle master's degrees) and Master 's Level (for students of master's degrees), at the end of which a specific Diploma is awarded.

Both levels are divided into five addresses that cover all degree programs at the University of Genoa:

  • ISB Address in Biomedical Sciences
  • ISS Address in Social Sciences
  • ISUPAC Address in Humanities and Cultural Heritage Studies
  • STS Address in Sustainability Science and Technology
  • STSI Address in Science and Technology for the Information Society


Admission to IANUA is through an annual selection by open competition, based solely on merit. Training activities take place during the academic year, without interfering with regular classes, and attendance is compulsory. Enrollment is free of charge. Details, admission notices, deadlines and how to apply can be found at


IANUA offers an education of excellence: the teachings encourage openness to innovation and the development of one's skills and competencies, in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary sense.

Through IANUA you can expand your social network, comparing yourself with other brilliant students from all disciplines. You will also be able to build a professional network, consisting of both university and corporate lecturers and speakers of high scientific qualification and professionalism in the social, cultural and economic fields, nationally and internationally.

By attending IANUA you will come into contact with business and entrepreneurial realities, which will foster internship experiences, employment opportunities and work collaborations.

By regularly and profitably completing both the First Level and the Master Level, you will be able to earn a Master Level II degree in parallel with your course of study.

IANUA also offers the possibility of supplementing the University of Genoa's Erasmus grant and recognizes a subsidy for extra-curricular study experiences and, for off-campus students, for housing.

For more information visit the website at the useful link or contact the following contact details:


tel. 010 335 6820/6819/2016/2947