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Compilation of study plan a.y. 2022/2023



During the month of October, the online procedure for filling out study plans is open.

NB: If you enroll in the 1st year of the Course of Study after October you have an extension to fill out the study plan up to 15 days after the date of enrollment.

For instructions on filling out study plans go to the page on the School website

If you want help in filling out the study plan and, in general, if you have doubts, curiosity and need help in relation to your first contacts with the world of university, contact the guidance tutors. Contact information is posted on the following page of our School's website:

Tutors are students further along in their studies who can help you with their experience. There are specific tutors for each degree program; they can be reached via e-mail, and also receive students both in person (Room O, Via Balbi 4 ground floor, next to the building concierge) and telematically (on Teams, code ub0u9tn). The schedule of tutors' receptions is posted on the School website (every month this schedule is updated; you can check the reception times both on the School website and physically, since they are posted on the bulletin board next to Classroom O, Via Balbi 4).