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The graduate student in exercise science, sport and health.

Who is he?

  • Instructor of non-competitive sports
  • sports trainer and technician
  • sports observer
  • event organizer
  • manager of sports facilities

What does he do?

He performs the functions of:

  • operator of prevention in health risk situations such as sedentariness, obesity, etc
  • organizer of motor, sports and leisure activities in the various age groups - developmental, elderly and adult
  • consultant for motor-sport activities at public and private sports clubs and organizations
  • technical-sports educator in the technical conduct of motor and sports activities using specific equipment and tools - fitness and wellness
  • preparer in planning and conducting training programs
  • sports-technical educator for adapted activity aimed at maintaining physical and psychophysical efficiency.

Where does he/she work?

  • Professional practice or in association of motor and sports activity centers
  • hiring by companies in the sports industry, by research centers and facilities dedicated to motor and/or sports activities
  • management of sports, recreational and fitness groups
  • scientific dissemination
  • .

He can also continue his education with:

  • Master's degrees LM-67, LM-68 and LM-A030
  • university courses of higher education - postgraduate courses, university master's degree
  • university research in the field of movement-sport (research grant, university researcher) or in public law research institutes.