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Course Council

This is the body that can help you solve problems in your course. You can contact us for problems affecting the organization of your course and teaching


What does it do?

The most important functions concern:

  • mediating the relationship between students and faculty
  • approve student files (study plan, Erasmus exam recognition, exam recognition from previous career)
  • evaluate educational offerings
  • approve curricular and extracurricular activities (events, internships, conferences)


Irene Gulli -

Erika Lunghi -

Emanuele Rapisarda -

Department Council

The Department Council is the body where decisions are made regarding the activities carried out by the Department. You can contact us for matters related to the organization of teaching and research.

What does it do?

The Department Council is responsible for approving:

  • internal economic issues
  • educational offerings
  • examination appeals and graduation sessions
  • research projects


Alice Azzolini -

School Board

He is in charge of facilities management and the departments that are part of it. You can contact us for problems regarding assessment questionnaires, classroom and space management.

What does it do?

The School Board deals with:

  • facilities and services
  • calendar of educational activities
  • educational offerings
  • management costs
  • examination of course and teaching evaluation forms
  • approval of some departmental decisions


Margherita Gammarrota -

Academic Senate

It is the UniGe governing body with policy and teaching direction: you can contact us to resolve issues of university policy and space management in the University.

What does it do?

The most important functions are:

  • establish and amend regulations
  • offer opinions to the board of directors
  • provide an opinion on the budget and management of finances
  • manage the educational offerings of UniGe


Student Representatives in Academic Senate -


Carlo Riccardo Raggi
Alessandro Cogorno
Benedetta Motta
Alessandro Agazzi Velazquez

Board of Directors

It is the university's governing body of policy and financial direction: you can contact us for general issues about the student fee system and the management of UniGe's spaces/facilities.

What does it do?

The most important decisions concern:

  • approval of the budget
  • forecasting future expenditures
  • use of financial and personnel resources
  • determination of fees and benefits


Student Representatives on the Board of Trustees,


Anna Benedetta Barbato
Antonio Bertani

Joint Committee on Teaching and the Right to Study.

The Joint Commission for Teaching and the Right to Study (CPDS) is established in each School of the University as a monitoring body on the organization and performance of teaching, tutoring and any other services provided to students.
You can contact us to report general problems regarding teaching and student services and suggestions for their improvement.

What does it do?

The CPDS is mainly concerned with:

  • making proposals directed at improving the conduct of teaching
  • .
  • drawing up an annual report on the effectiveness of teaching, tutoring and any other services provided to students. The report shall be forwarded to the Dean and the relevant teaching structures, which shall receive it and, taking it into appropriate account, take action to develop proposals for the improvement of related activities
  • formulate opinions regarding the activation, deactivation and suppression of Courses of Study
  • report to the Dean, the Coordinator of the Course of Study Council and the Director of the Department to which the Course of Study is assigned, any anomalies found in the conduct of teaching activities


Emanuele Rapisarda -