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To become a first officer you have to take an exam with the Captain's Office, after 12 months as a student. Not having done the nautical secondary school, you must first take the alignment course.

The Bachelor degree in Maritime Science and Technology:

  • cannot at the moment formally replace the alignment course
  • prepares you to take the exams for the level of officer and executive officer, but you cannot substitute for the exams in the Harbour Office
  • prepares you from a business point of view for the maritime transport sector

The Maritime Science and Technology program provides a Bachelor degree that contains all STCW subjects for Officers and many other subjects. However, it is not yes satisfied as STCW program by the Italian Maritime Authority.

By Italian law, the navigation license can be only issued to Italian citizens.

If you are not an Italian citizen, ask to the Maritime Authority of your country if they recognize our program as valid for the license.