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How it works

The test lasts 90 minutes and consists of solving 50 multiple-choice questions on:
•    General and maritime culture - 10 questions
               the questions will focus on knowledge of general and maritime culture and are aimed at verifying basic knowledge about culture and history
•    Logic and mathematics - 20 questions
               verification of the ability to logically complete a reasoning, in a manner consistent with the premises that are set out in symbolic or verbal form through multiple-     choice questions
              for the mathematical part the questions are aimed at ascertaining the mastery of:
           ♦ numerical sets and arithmetic (natural, relative, rational, real numbers; ordering and comparison of numbers; order of magnitude; operations, powers, radicals,      logarithms), algebraic calculation
           ♦ Euclidean geometry (polygons, circumference and circle, measurements of lengths, surfaces and volumes, isometry, similarities and equivalences, geometric places)
           ♦ elements of plane trigonometry (sine, cosine, tangent functions and their inverses, fundamental relations of goniometry, formulas for associated angles, theorems for   right triangles)
•    English language knowledge - 20 questions
            - the test is aimed at ascertaining comprehension of the English language at B1 level.

You can find a simulation test on AulaWeb

To learn more about the admission test, please read carefully the admission call published on Admission criteria and procedure web page.