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Tuition reductions for family members

If you enroll in UniGe together with other members of your family, within the normal duration of the course and in the same academic year, you are entitled to a 30% exemption on the third installment.

Family nucleus means spouses, parents, children, and persons united by civil union or living together (ex l. 76/2016). The belonging to the same family nucleus is ascertained by ISEE certificate for the University (ISEE-U) or by ISEE-U-Parifird.

N.B. No other documentation of a fiscal nature is allowed.

To obtain the reduction, all students belonging to the same family unit must individually fill in the online application form by Wednesday, April 22, 2022.

The exemption is granted after the administration has verified it:

  • the regular enrollment within the duration of the course, for the academic year of reference, by all applicants. If this requirement is not met by all students in the family nucleus, the exemption will be applied only to students in possession of this requirement
  • belonging to the same family nucleus, certified by ISEE-U attestation