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Compile the curriculum

From Monday, October 3 to Wednesday, October 19, 2022, the procedure for online completion of the study plan will be active.

N.B.The deadlines are also valid if you are a transfer student.

Read the notice

Access the online service

If you are duly enrolled and have paid the fees, you can submit the study plan.

Log in to the online service with your credentials and complete the plan.

What curriculum do you need to fill out?

The standard plan is the plan perfectly conforming to that proposed on the Study Manifesto.

Once you have filled it out, and possibly made your selection for the electives of your choice, you only need to select the Confirmation button and verify the correctness of the operation.

Remember that the Status of Plan must be "complete," otherwise it will be unfilled.


  • you intend to enroll in part-time
    • 1st category - up to 15 credits
    • 2nd category - up to 30 credits
  • you have made, or are making, a degree course pass/transfer in the academic year 2021/22 and, after receiving the resolution of recognition of your past career, you intend to complete a study plan different from the one proposed by the course board in the resolution

To submit the individual study plan connect to the dedicated page on ServiziOnline.

N.B. Remember to complete the procedure by saving your individual study plan request. Requests that remain in draft, will not be considered.