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Freshmen Welcome Day

Welcome to freshmen



  • When. Thursday October 5 2023, 10-12.
  • .
  • Where? St. Savior's Classroom at Sarzano Square.

La Spezia:

  • When. Tuesday 17 October 2023, 10.
  • .
  • Where? Lecture Room 1 Campus La Spezia.

Info and reservations at the dedicated page


To support you in choosing a course of study, the University of Genoa offers you an InfoPoint service.

July 21 to October 3, 2023 (closed from August 11 to 18 inclusive)
Monday through Friday during the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

. At the Palazzo dell'Università, Via Balbi, 5, Genoa.

The different teaching areas will be present with their own station
as indicated on the calendar

Simulation of TELEMACO (until September 5)
. Interested students can participate in the simulation of the initial knowledge test, which is essential for enrollment in Open Access Degree Courses.

The UniGe InfoPoint is a service designed and created to guarantee you specific orientation information, useful to facilitate the procedures of matriculation and activation of your academic career.
. At the InfoPoint you can find:

  • orientation and course information
  • specific information on courses in the different Areas provided by faculty and tutors
  • distribution of information materials
  • information on pre-registration procedures
  • pre-Telemachus
  • information on study and research pathways dedicated to Marine Science and Technology
  • information on fees and facilities
  • accommodation, information and matriculation of international students 
  • .
  • information on university of the third age


The service is aimed at: 

  • high school students,
  • all those who wish to enroll in the University of Genoa,
  • UniGe students who want to learn more about their course and/or review their coursework.