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CODE 57745
  • 2 cfu during the 1st year of 8744 SCIENZE MOTORIE, SPORT E SALUTE (L-22) - SAVONA
    LANGUAGE Italian
  • SEMESTER 2° Semester
    MODULES This unit is a module of:


    The course is focused on the the problem of the scientific identity of Pedagogy, understood as the science of self-formation, education and cultural education, with particular attention to the practical dimensions of the pedagogical intervention, within the sports field.



    Theoretical and practical dimensions of pedagogy in motor activities.


    The course examines the epistemic foundations of General Pedagogy, the cultural and professional skills of the pedagogist. By understanding the problematic correlation between theory and practice, it is intended to acquire knowledge about pedagogy and the assumption of critical-interpretative and professional skills aimed to understanding, to interpret and to address the problems associated with the self-formation and cultural education as they arise in pedagogical environments, even sporting.


    Lectures are conducted remotely through Microsoft Teams platform according to rectoral regulations issued by the University of Genoa, and the guidelines established by DIMES.

    Lectures will be hold on Microsoft Teams platform, normally through an interactive modality, at institutionally scheduled time. They will include both frontal teaching moments and forms of debate and discussion on the contents of the lecture.

    Procedure to participate in lectures

    The procedure to participate in lectures requires to be part of a specific group created on Teams platform, through which all Students enrolled in the Course will be included. Each Student will be able to join the group using a code that will be provided by the Teacher within the classroom web page of the Course before the start of lectures.

    Once logged in Microsoft Teams platform and reached the "Team" section, Students be able to select the item "Join a team or create one". The next step will be to enter the code in correspondence with the item "Join a team with a code". This will allow to join the group named "Pedagogia Applicata", and take part in its activities.

    Lectures will be recorded and then they will be available to Students on the AulaWeb platform.


    The program of the course will consist, mainly, in the following contents: the pedagogy as a science and its objects of study; the categories of pedagogical thinking; the logic and the language of the scientific discourse in pedagogy; the interpretative dimension and the structuring of the method of intervention within pedagogical practices involved in human and educational processes.


    For the deepening of topics covered in the course, it is recommended to study the following book:

    M. Gennari, Trattato di Pedagogia Generale, Bompiani, Milano, 2006.


    Exam Board

    CATERINA ANSUINI (President)

    MARIO SALISCI (President)

    MARIO GENNARI (President and Coordinator of Integrated Course)



    Tuesday, 4th May 2021.

    Class schedule




    Exam is written. The written exam is finalized to verify acquired knowledge by the Students and their critical capabilities in the elaboration of the learned contents.

    Evaluation criteria: relevance of contents, argumentation of acquired knowledge, logical coherence, language properties, critical-problematic ability.


    Based on the indications provided by the University and the Department, the exams will be done in two different and eventually ways.

    A) If it is possible to take exams in attendance.

    The exam is structured into a short number of open questions. During the time of the exam, students can consult texts in the program. Students have to take the exam with the program of the current academic year, even if they are enrolled in previous academic years.

    If the exam is “not passed”, Students will have to take the exam again in the same manner.


    B) If distance teaching is extended.

    Students will have to draw up a short paper (read editorial criteria indicated below) in which tehy will have to put together contents learned from studied books and attended lectures with a theme that will be indicated for each exam session, developing a critical-problematic reflection (which has to be the risult of their own elaboration). Students will have to draw a short final bibliography, including studied texts and 5 other volumes which their consider essential for the topic discussion.

    Bibliography must indicate Surname and Name of the Author of the volume, Title of the volume, Publisher, City, year of publication.

    Drafting criteria of the essay: the required format extension of the exam must be between a minimum of  4,000 and and a maximum of 6,000 characters, spaces included. Upload the file in DOC or PDF format.

    Timing: the text of the exam will be made visible to the Students (to whom is required to register themselves the exam at least 5 days before the chosen exam) on AulaWeb, 5 days before the date of each exam, and it must be delivered (always on AulaWeb) in the exam date. Therefore, Students have 5 days to write their paper. The results of the exams will be subsequently published on AulaWeb, according to the times indicated in the exam.

    Operating procedure to be followed on AulaWeb: Students regularly enrolled in an exam session will find a document containing the necessary information to be able to carry out the elaborate in a special section of the AulaWeb page of the Course. The materials will be made available once the deadline of registration for each exam session will be arrived: five days before the exam date (as it has been established by the provisions issued by the University to regulate and organize exams).

    Students will have to write their work within the document which they will have had the opportunity to download from AulaWeb page. It will also be necessary to fill personal data in the text. Once completed it, the exam will be uploaded to the AulaWeb platform, in the same section where the document has originally been retrieved, within the deadline. Chosing the option "Add Delivery" Students will be able to insert their file exam, importing it from the archive of their computer, even by simply dragging the document into the appropriate box that appears on the screen. The insertion of the file is completed by selecting the item "Save changes". Next step requires to choose the item "Delivery Task" (the system will ask to express a further confirmation regarding the intention to activate the delivery), taking the procedure to the end. In this way the exam will be sent to the Professor.

    More detailed informations on exam methods, publication and recording of votes will be reported on AulaWeb in the specific page of the Course.

    Exam schedule

    Date Time Location Type Notes
    26/01/2021 14:30 GENOVA Orale
    09/02/2021 14:30 GENOVA Orale
    08/06/2021 14:00 GENOVA Scritto
    22/06/2021 14:00 GENOVA Scritto
    13/07/2021 14:00 GENOVA Scritto
    07/09/2021 14:00 GENOVA Scritto
    25/01/2022 13:30 GENOVA Scritto
    08/02/2022 13:30 GENOVA Scritto


    Any change in the usual teaching activities (classes and office hours) will be reported within AulaWeb page of the Course.