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Graduated in Safety engineering for Transport, Logistics and Production


The Master of Science in 'Safety Engineering for Transport, Logistics, and Production' aims at training a professional safety engineer that combines scientific expertise and operational capabilities for planning, designing, and managing complex systems, and the analysis of the impact of decisions about transport, and logistics, and related production systems.




Skills developed during the study:

  •  risk assessment: planning, design and management of security meant as safety (protection against accidental events) and as security (protection than intentional events)
  • planning and management of the mobility of people and goods, through the knowledge of the fundamental elements of transport systems and criteria to define the physical characteristics of the infrastructure, in relation to the functions attributed to them, which are the essential basis for integrating the management of mobility problems in the instruments of territorial government and planning
  • design and operation of transport systems and logistics, including therein the different design techniques, sizing and risk analysis of transport systems, the regulatory details for private and collective transport, the tools for management and design, the basis for control and information to users in real-time, as well as the basis for the assessment of the reliability, availability and maintainability with reference to both the transport system as a whole and its the individual components, such as infrastructure, facilities, vehicles, equipment
  • development and application of advanced methods to managing and optimizing performance and safety of transport infrastructure and services by road, rail, air, and sea, as well as their intermodal interactions, through the design and the implementation of monitoring, regulation, and control systems
  • analysis and evaluation of the externalities of transport systems, logistics and production related to them, with explicit reference to safety issues


Job opportunities:

  • engineering companies and/or large professional firms operating in the field of design, implementation, security management with reference of the transport systems and territorial ; public and private institutions that handle large lines infrastructure (railways , highways, ...)
  • government (municipalities, provinces, regions, port authorities, ...);research structures (universities, research centers, ...)
  • freelance