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Informazioni 2021/2022

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Programme overview


The new international PhD course in Strategic Engineering is promoted by the Department of Economics (DIEC) in collaboration with some of the best international universities focused on the new discipline called Strategic Engineering, and it is the natural extension of the first LM course in Strategic Engineering in Italy, activated by the University of Genoa.
The idea is to create new scientists and engineers able to design, develop, use and finalize new solutions that guarantee a strategic advantage in the decision-making process.
PhD students will focus on developing a combined use of Modeling, Simulation, Algorithms, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence closely related to Big Data, to support Decision Makers in a wide range of applications, such as logistics and transportation, telecommunications, defense, finance, medical sciences and biotechnology. The strongly interdisciplinary nature of the course is highlighted.

Learning objectives

The International PhD Program in Strategic Engineering represents a New PhD with a specific Program to create experts skilled in creating solutions based on most innovative methodologies related to Strategic Engineering.
The aim is to create a New International PhD Program involving top quality Universities focused on the new discipline called Strategic Engineering and to develop strong Synergies with the NATO M&S Center of Excellence (MSCOE) and other Leading Agencies and Excellence Centers that are interested to benefits of the related Researches, Developments, Capabilities, Skills and People.

Career perspectives

The natural professional opportunities for the PhD course in Strategic Engineering are, in addition to the continuation of research activities at Universities or Research Institutes both public (National Research Council) and private, are: Private companies of all industries; Public Agencies and Administrations; International Agencies and Organizations for Defense and Security;
International Development and Cooperation Agencies; Consulting Companies; Freelance Consultants; Hi-Tech companies involved in the development of innovative smart solutions;
International research centers and facilities; Physical and virtual attack prediction and decision support operations centers.

Head of programme

            <div>Anna Sciomachen</div>

Graduate students who wish to acquire interdisciplinary skills aimed at making decisions to address real and complex problems in an international perspective, including internships and collaborations within leading companies, are invited to apply

Head of Programme

International collaborations

In this first year of activation of the PhD course in SE, the following Universities are consortium members:
Óbuda Univrsity , Hungary, Virtual Research Laboratory (VRL) at the Doctoral School of Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics (DSAIAM);
IMT Ecole Des Mines de Ales, France, PRISM - Laboratoire des Sciences des Risques (LSR);
Universidad de la Rioja, Spain, Department of Electrical Engineering

Dedicated website

To learn more, please visit the dedicated PhD course website.