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L’ammissione al Corso di Dottorato è soggetta al superamento di un concorso che viene di norma bandito in primavera e pubblicato alla pagina relativa. Il Bando di Ammissione contiene l’elenco dei corsi, dei posti e delle borse disponibili nonché delle date, del luogo, della tipologia e dei contenuti delle prove.

I candidati che superano la selezione vengono inseriti in una graduatoria di merito costantemente aggiornata che riporta l’assegnazione dei posti.
I concorrenti che risultino ammessi ai corsi di dottorato dovranno presentare o far pervenire al Servizio Alta Formazione di UniGe la domanda di iscrizione secondo le scadenze prestabilite pubblicate nel bando.

Il Dottorato di Ricerca è regolato dalle norme presenti alla pagina dedicata.

Programme overview


The PhD programme in Civil, chemical and environmental engineering is organized in four curricula:

  • Chemical, Materials and Process Engineering
  • Fluid Dynamics and Environmental Engineering
  • Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, Mechanics and Materials
  • Wind Science and Engineering

The coordinator of the course is professor Roberta Massabò.
All course activities are in English. (info in the dedicated website)

Learning objectives

The course aims at educating highly qualified researchers and professionals in the fields of civil, chemical and environmental engineering. The research topics concern the sustainable design of structures for civil and industrial engineering, production processes of materials and products and eco-sustainable treatment and reuse of waste. Special focus is on environmental aspects, including the assessment of the effects of earthquakes, landslides, floods, storms on structures, industrial accidents and air, water and soil pollution, and to the development of novel technologies, physical-mathematical models and safe and sustainable materials.

Career perspectives

Graduates in our PhD programme in Civil, chemical and environmental engineering go on to top jobs where high qualification is requested as engineers, faculty members at eminent universities in Italy and abroad, researchers at private and public institutions, leaders in corporate and public service settings, engineering consultants, entrepreneurs.

Head of programme

11334_Roberta Massabò

Dear prospective student, thank you for your interest!

Please take some time to browse our Dedicated website and get to know our faculty members,
learn about their research, browse student handbook and courses.
Joining our program you will be supervised by our internationally renewed faculty members,
in a community that is small enough to assure individual attention and mentoring and join our multiethnic student body.
Feel free to write to me to get help.

Roberta Massabò

International collaborations

Our faculty members have active research collaborations with top notch international scientists and universities/institutions. We have co-tutelle agreements for double degrees with various universities and an International Cooperation Agreement for double degree with University of Sao Paulo (Brasil). Our students often spend time abroad and are actively involved in international research projects.

Dedicated website

To learn more, please visit the dedicated PhD course website.