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Career perspectives


The graduate in Engineering for Building Retrofitting will be an engineer with a deep knowledge of all the aspects concerning existing buildings, and he/she will face problems with a systemic and multi-disciplinary approach.





  • the structural and seismic safety of existing buildings
  • the energy efficiency of existing buildings
  • the technical performances of existing buildings, in terms of water tightness as well as thermal, acoustic and lightning comfort
  • the state of maintenance of buildings, in terms of materials, building components and plants
  • the fire safety of existing buildings


  • structural and geotechnical retrofitting interventions
  • seismic retrofitting and seismic upgrading interventions
  • energy retrofitting interventions
  • fire protection interventions
  • interventions to enhance the water tightness as well as the thermal, acoustic and lightning comfort of existing buildings
  • maintenance, conservation and consolidation interventions on materials and building components


  • with architects in charge of the architectural and functional rehabilitation of the building
  • with professionals in charge of conservation projects, in the case of heritage buildings
  • with municipal and State technicians in charge of building codes and practices
  • with the representatives of Cultural Heritage protection bodies, in the case of heritage buildings
  • with the private and public owners of the buildings


  • as a self-employed civil engineer in the building sector
  • as a specialist in civil engineering companies
  • as a specialist in firms working in the sector of building rehabilitation
  • as a Facility Manager in public or private bodies working the in the field of real estates
  • as a specialist in credit institutions and insurance companies
  • as a technician in public administration