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What you will study

Structural safety

  • building criteria, technological details, structural layout of existing buildings
  • building rules and past codes
  • diagnostic and monitoring techniques on existing structures
  • structural modelling techniques and methods of analysis for the structural assessment of existing buildings
  • structural retrofitting interventions.

The training in this field is carried out considering the different anthropic and natural risks which existing buildings may be subjected to: lack of maintenance, structural changes or changes in the surrounding environment over time, earthquakes, floods, fire, etc.

Energy efficiency

  • original building techniques and plants of existing buildings
  • thermophysical analysis of existing buildings and energy audit
  • energy retrofitting of existing buildings.

The training in this field is oriented to both the retrofitting of existing plants, in order to enhance their functionality and energy efficiency, and the design of new plants, with the aim of rationally integrating them in existing buildings. Skills and competences will be developed in the field of codes and rules, as well as in the field of environmental policies, promoting sustainable and ecological design approaches.

Quality and comfort

  • technical features and construction details of existing buildings
  • manual and digital survey techniques
  • degradation of materials and building components
  • techniques for the maintenance, conservation and restoration of materials and building components.