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Open Week

Are you a high school student and would you like to learn more about the University and its courses? During Open Week you can visit departments, talk to lecturers and student tutors, attend lectures and course presentations.

Discover the Open Week organised by UniGe facilities.

Open Day

During the open days you will be able to visit the campuses, talk to course lecturers and student tutors. You will be able to participate in course presentations, workshops for choice and on the professions of the future. 

University Open Day

10 and 11 May 2024 (details to be worked out)

University Open Day Master's Degrees

13 May 2024 (details to be worked out)

University of Genoa Open Day at the Ligurian Campuses

Savona Campus - 20 and 21 March 2024 - Details and programme

Campus of La Spezia - 18 to 20 April 2024 - Details (to be defined)

Campus of Imperia - 15 and 16 February 2024 - Details and programme - concluded


To support you in choosing your course of study, the University of Genoa offers you an InfoPoint service.

The University of Genoa offers an InfoPoint service.

  • orientamento e informazioni sui corsi
  • informazioni specifiche sui corsi delle diverse Aree fornite da docenti e tutor
  • distribuzione materiale informativo
  • informazioni sulle procedure di preimmatricolazione
  • pre-Telemaco
  • informazioni sui percorsi di studio e ricerca dedicati alle Scienze e Tecnologie del Mare
  • informazioni su tasse e agevolazioni
  • accoglienza, informazioni e immatricolazione studenti internazionali 
  • informazioni su UnigeSenior - Corsi liberi per tutte le età

  • gli studenti delle scuole superiori
  • tutti coloro che desiderano iscriversi all'Università di Genova
  • gli studenti UniGe che vogliono approfondire informazioni sul loro corso e/o rivedere il proprio percorso formativo

23 July to 3 October 2024
Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

At the Palazzo dell'Università - Via Balbi 5 - Genova.

The various teaching areas will be present with their own location as indicated on the calendar (to be defined)


Simulation of TELEMACO 
. Interested students can take part in the simulation of the Verification of Initial Knowledge, indispensable for enrolling in open access degree courses.

Orientamenti Exhibition

OrientaMenti is Italy's largest event on orientation, training and work.


Magazzini del Cotone, Porto Antico area of Genoa and online

Every year in November

UniGe at OrientaMenti 2023

Other orientation events

Individual interview

To support you in your choice and orient you in your study path, the University of Genoa offers you the possibility of booking a free individual counselling session.

Si tratta di una colloquio individuale gratuito che ha lo scopo di approfondire i corsi di studio, la loro struttura e particolarità, in modo da farti conoscere il funzionamento della vita universitaria.

I colloqui si svolgono durante tutto l'anno presso il Servizio Orientamento sia in presenza che a distanza.

Il colloquio individuale è uno dei servizi del Settore Orientamento agli Studi Universitari ed è rivolto a: 

  • studenti delle scuole superiori
  • tutti coloro che desiderano iscriversi all'Università di Genova
  • studenti UniGe che vogliono approfondire informazioni sul loro corso e/o rivedere il proprio percorso formativo

Per prenotare un colloquio compila questo MODULO 
Una volta effettuata la prenotazione, sarai contattato via mail per definire modalità e appuntamento.

    Orientation tests

    Interest questionnaire

    Fill out the questionnaire of interests that identifies your preferred professional activities and indicates the courses of study that prepare you for them, and thus supports you in your choice of faculty.

    Useful sites to guide you in your choice

    Learning to Orientate and Choose by AlmaLaurea

    If you still have no clear ideas about your educational and professional future, AlmaLaurea can help you
    . What is your dream job? Which degree course can help you get there? read here
    Dictionary of professions Read here

    Study pathways by Universitaly

    To get to know the educational offer of all Italian universities



    To become a first officer you have to take an exam with the Captain's Office, after 12 months as a student. Not having done the nautical secondary school, you must first take the alignment course.

    The Bachelor degree in Maritime Science and Technology:

    • cannot at the moment formally replace the alignment course
    • prepares you to take the exams for the level of officer and executive officer, but you cannot substitute for the exams in the Harbour Office
    • prepares you from a business point of view for the maritime transport sector

    The Maritime Science and Technology program provides a Bachelor degree that contains all STCW subjects for Officers and many other subjects. However, it is not yes satisfied as STCW program by the Italian Maritime Authority.

    By Italian law, the navigation license can be only issued to Italian citizens.

    If you are not an Italian citizen, ask to the Maritime Authority of your country if they recognize our program as valid for the license.

    School Portal

    If you are a high school teacher responsible for orientation, discover our initiatives on Schools Portal

    You will find numerous UniGe Orientation events dedicated to students, including:

    • PCTO (formerly Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro)
    • .
    • Choice Orientation Traineeships
    • Seminars for schools

    Parents' desk

    If you are the parent of a prospective UniGe student, find out about the Parents' Helpdesk


    Student Orientation Services

    In-person counter and Virtual counter on appointment - Service suspended from July 21, 2023 to October 3, 2023

    Serviceby phone at 010 209 9690, Mondays and Fridays from 9 to 12

    Service email