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L'Università di Genova propone Open Day e Open Week, d'area e di Ateneo, InfoPoint e altri strumenti utili a scegliere il miglior percorso di studio.

Open Day

Open Day di Ateneo

Open Day di ATENEO: 11 - 12 - 13 maggio presso Via Balbi, 5 (GE) - PROGRAMMA

Durante gli open day potrai visitare i Campus, parlare con i docenti dei corsi e con i tutor. 
Potrai partecipare alle presentazioni dei corsi, a laboratori per la scelta e sulle professioni del futuro. 
Dove previsto, potrai partecipare anche al career day.

Open day dell'Università di Genova attivati presso i Campus liguri

  • Campus di Savona - Open Day:  18 e 19 aprile: PROGRAMMA

Open Week

Sei uno studente del liceo e vuoi conoscere meglio l'università e i suoi corsi?

UniGe ti offre la possibilità di frequentare le lezioni, incontrare i professori e passare un'intera settimana nei luoghi in cui studierai.

Freshmen Welcome Day

Welcome to freshmen



  • When. Thursday October 5 2023, 10-12.
  • .
  • Where? St. Savior's Classroom at Sarzano Square.

La Spezia:

  • When. Tuesday 17 October 2023, 10.
  • .
  • Where? Lecture Room 1 Campus La Spezia.

Info and reservations at the dedicated page


To support you in choosing a course of study, the University of Genoa offers you an InfoPoint service.

July 21 to October 3, 2023 (closed from August 11 to 18 inclusive)
Monday through Friday during the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

. At the Palazzo dell'Università, Via Balbi, 5, Genoa.

The different teaching areas will be present with their own station
as indicated on the calendar

Simulation of TELEMACO (until September 5)
. Interested students can participate in the simulation of the initial knowledge test, which is essential for enrollment in Open Access Degree Courses.

The UniGe InfoPoint is a service designed and created to guarantee you specific orientation information, useful to facilitate the procedures of matriculation and activation of your academic career.
. At the InfoPoint you can find:

  • orientation and course information
  • specific information on courses in the different Areas provided by faculty and tutors
  • distribution of information materials
  • information on pre-registration procedures
  • pre-Telemachus
  • information on study and research pathways dedicated to Marine Science and Technology
  • information on fees and facilities
  • accommodation, information and matriculation of international students 
  • .
  • information on university of the third age


The service is aimed at: 

  • high school students,
  • all those who wish to enroll in the University of Genoa,
  • UniGe students who want to learn more about their course and/or review their coursework.

Individual interview

To support you in choosing and guiding you in your study path, the University of Genoa offers you the opportunity to book a free individual counseling.

To book an interview fill out this MODULE 
. Once you have made your reservation, you will be contacted via email to define mode and appointment.


This is a individual interview free which aims to learn more about the courses of study, their structure and particularities, so that you can get acquainted with how university life works.


The individual interview is one of the services of the University Studies Orientation Sector and is intended for: 

  • high school students,
  • all those who wish to enroll in the University of Genoa,
  • UniGe students who want to learn more about their course and/or review their coursework.

Internships and summer school

The Department of Economics also offers the following initiatives each year:

  • Guidance Internships
  • .

Dedicated to students in the Fifth year of high school, the internship offers them the opportunity to attend the Department for a week, attend selected lectures of the first two-year university courses and participate in dedicated seminars and workshops, up to a maximum of 30 hours in total.

The internship experience is designed to spread economic literacy among students and raise awareness of the skills needed at entry and those acquired at exit.

At the end of the internship, students who have participated in at least 12 hours of activities will be allowed to take an early test of initial preparation. If positive, the test will be considered valid for matriculation purposes. If negative, the test will have to be taken again on the dates set for registration.

  • Summer School
  • .

This is an intensive program that alternates seminar activities and workshops with hands-on, guided activities with the aim of proposing and introducing the principles of economic reasoning to selected and motivated students.

In the course of the meetings, modes in open dialogue with the lecturer, laboratory and simulation activities are used in which students can test in an autonomous but guided way what they learn as they go along.

All activities are scheduled in the time slot from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., for a total of 40 hours, and are usable in School/Work Alternance for students in classes IV.
Applications will be selected on the basis of motivational and profile requirements of the student.

To learn more contact the Economics Guidance Office.

Parent space

If you are the parent of a prospective UniGe student, find out about the Parent Space


Student Orientation Services

In-person counter and Virtual counter on appointment - Service suspended from July 21, 2023 to October 3, 2023

Serviceby phone at 010 209 9690, Mondays and Fridays from 9 to 12

Service email