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Because the course offers a master's degree in open design in which design is applied not only to products, but also to the relationships between things and people, between places and things, between actions and places.

Because we work around the concepts of "temporary" and "sharing." The discontinuous market, with a time-based use of products, places, services, transforms the demands and the type of approach, paving the way for a different way of project management.

Because it allows to experience how product and event design can be opportunities to put back into circulation forgotten or underutilized objects, places. The event can change the conception of use of a product and space, whether small or large, can transform the use of places, and is therefore a strategic means for our cities, for particular local realities, to recover and enhance traditions.

Because you learn by doing, experimenting and designing with the tools, techniques and specific skills provided in the various courses: for the development of communicative, web and digital design artifacts, for the development of material artifacts, with the new production techniques but also for the recovery of traditional craft traditions, for the development of events as autonomous cultural projects.