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This degree program prepares to care for and meet the nursing needs of the child and his or her family from the moment of birth until the child turns 18.

Pediatric nurse practitioner

Who is he/she?

He/she is a health professional in the area of nursing sciences and midwifery health profession, who carries out with professional autonomy activities directed at prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and safeguarding of individual and collective health (pursuant to Article 6, Paragraph 3, of Legislative Decree No. 502 of December 30, 1992, as amended and supplemented. 502 and subsequent amendments and additions and pursuant to Law No. 251 of August 10, 2000, Article 1, paragraph 1).

What does he/she do?

He/she is responsible for the attributions provided for by the Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of Health No. 70 of January 17, 1997 and subsequent amendments and additions, by the specific national and European reference legislation and by the Code of Ethics of the FNC IPASVI of 2009:

  • is responsible for general preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative nursing care of a technical, relational and educational nature in the pediatric setting
  • .
  • its functions are: prevention and health education, nursing, therapeutic education, management, training, research and consulting.

More in detail:

  • promotes and spreads the culture of health in the community
  • designs and implements, in collaboration with other professionals, training and educational interventions aimed at the child and his/her family
  • identifies the nursing care needs of the child and family and formulates relevant, realistic, and shared goals of care
  • plans, manages and evaluates nursing and care intervention using support staff
  • when necessary
  • ensures the proper implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic prescriptions
  • performs self-education and training activities towards the child, the family, university students of the same professional profile, support staff and new employees
  • develops research activities aimed at producing new knowledge for continuous quality improvement
  • fosters professional integration actions and participates in interdisciplinary working groups for citizen care.

Where does he/she work?

In health care facilities, public or private, on a dependent or freelance basis.