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The midwife is not only a health professional, but she is a 'woman for the woman' who supports the mother-to-be - and also the father - throughout the pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium: it is to her that the couple can ask questions, confide doubts and fears, and together with her they can face and overcome them.

Every woman has within her the capacity to give life naturally and spontaneously; the midwife is that figure who will be able to recognize the woman's strengths and build on them a renewed self-esteem, according to the process of empowerment: growth of the individual based on strengthening self-esteem to bring out hidden and unknown resources.

The midwife is not only involved in childbirth, but also in health and sex education, pelvic floor re-education, prevention and detection of cancers of the female genital sphere (cervix, breast). She works in hospitals, counseling centers and as a freelancer.