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The graduate student of speech therapy

Who is he/she?

He/she is a health care professional who carries out his/her activities:

  • in the prevention and rehabilitative treatment of speech and communication disorders in childhood, adulthood and geriatric
  • in the education and reeducation of all pathologies causing voice, speech, oral and written language disorders and communication handicaps.

What does it do?

  • Screening and prevention
  • therapeutic education
  • care and rehabilitation, starting with the definition of the therapeutic-rehabilitation project
  • functional rehabilitation of communicative and cognitive disabilities
  • professional study, teaching and counseling activities.

Where does he/she work?

  • In the National and Regional Health Service
  • In accredited and contracted private facilities
  • in clinics and rehabilitation centers
  • in assisted living residences
  • at users' homes
  • in medical and/or multi-specialty outpatient clinics
  • in service cooperatives and in public and private institutions where counseling is sought (spas, acting and singing schools, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools).