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Medical radiology health technician

Who is he/she?

He/she is a professional in the technical-health area who performs with technical-professional autonomy, on medical prescription and in direct collaboration with other health figures, all interventions that require the use of ionizing radiation sources, both artificial and natural, thermal and ultrasonic energies, nuclear magnetic resonance, as well as interventions for physical or dosimetric protection, in compliance with radiation protection regulations (as provided for in D.M. of the Ministry of Health September 26, 1994, No. 746 and subsequent amendments and additions).

What does he/she do?

  • Participates in the planning and organization of work in the facility in which he/she works
  • schedules and manages the delivery of polyvalent services under his or her responsibility in direct collaboration with the radiodiagnostic physician, nuclear physician, radiation oncologist, and medical physicist
  • checks the proper functioning of the equipment entrusted to him/her, providing for the elimination of minor inconveniences and implementing quality assurance verification and control programs according to predefined indicators and standards
  • contributes to the training of support staff and directly contributes to updating related to his professional profile and research.

Where does he/she work?

He performs his activities in:

  • diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and health physics departments and services, in hospital and out-of-hospital facilities of the National Health System and similar private facilities and in scientifically-oriented inpatient and nursing institutions
  • manufacturing industries and sales agencies in the field of diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy
  • university and non-university research centers in the biomedical field
  • private and/or public dental clinics that use high-technology radiological instrumentation.