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The course in brief


The Master's Degree in Building Engineering-Architecture is placed downstream of the degree in Architectural Science and completes the basic architectural education with technical and scientific skills typical of engineering. It trains a professional figure who combines design skills with mastery of technical and construction tools and who is able to work in the integrated design of new constructions and in the rehabilitation of the existing building heritage.

Learning by doing

The Course combines frontal teaching with exercises and laboratories of an operational and applied nature.

Experiences that foster contact with the working world, including at the international level, are an integral part of the training, such as:

  • project laboratories and workshops
  • curricular internships in companies in the sector, which can be carried out in Italy or in another E.U. country
  • visits to companies, visits to construction sites and thematic seminars.

Professional outlets

  • Freelance practice
  • .
  • Inclusion in engineering or architecture firms
  • Employment in responsible functions in public or private entities operating in the areas of construction and land management.

What you will learn

progettazione strutturale

progettare strutture in cemento armato, in acciaio e opere di sostegno

progettazione architettonica

progettare opere architettoniche conformi al contesto territoriale e culturale

progettazione urbanistica e pianificazione

definire gli interventi in funzione del contesto naturale e antropico

rappresentazione dell'architettura

progettare un rilievo architettonico tecnologicamente avanzato e integrato

composizione architettonica

tecniche di progettazione dell'organismo edilizio in rapporto alla forma urbana

storia dell'architettura e restauro

conoscere i metodi di analisi e diagnosi e gli interventi sul costruito storico

soluzioni tecnologiche e produzione edilizia

progettare organismi edilizi con criteri di innovazione e sostenibilità

impianti tecnici e costruzioni idrauliche

progettare impianti in edifici e infrastrutture idrauliche urbane

diritto degli appalti ed economia

conoscere l'iter normativo dell'opera e la gestione del cantiere

Did you know that.

Il Corso di laurea magistrale è accreditato in sede europea secondo la Direttiva 2005/36/CE
L'ingegnere edile-architetto può sostenere l'Esame di Stato per l'iscrizione sia all'Albo degli Ingegneri che all'Albo degli Architetti
È il percorso specifico di laurea magistrale in Ingegneria edile-architettura su scala nazionale


Integrated approach

The Course fully responds to the ever-growing need for an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to technical problem solving, providing the basic knowledge necessary to:

  • devise technical solutions regarding the integrated design of buildings and architectural complexes, structures and major works, for the recovery and restoration of the existing building heritage through the use of traditional and advanced tools
  • interacting with experts from other fields and technical practitioners, drafting technical and regulatory reports and reports.

Areas of teaching

The teachings can be succinctly grouped into three areas:

  • structural, geotechnical and hydraulic design
  • .
  • architectural history, representation and composition
  • courses characterizing the area of construction engineering.
  • .

These enable:

  • get a thorough knowledge of the history of architecture, construction, urban planning, architectural restoration and other environmental and land transformation activities
  • know in depth the tools and forms of representation
  • draw architectural designs that meet aesthetic and technical requirements, ensuring structural and plant engineering feasibility
  • know the methods of investigation and preparation of the construction project of the architectural organism
  • know the structural design, construction, and civil engineering problems associated with the design.
  • .


9914_Francesca Pirlone
Welcome to all those enrolled in the Master of Science degree in Building Engineering-Architecture.

Francesca Pirlone

Where we are

The Bachelor of Science degree in Building Engineering-Architecture is afferent to the

Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering - DICCA
Via Montallegro 1
16145 Genoa


Lectures are held in multiple locations of the Polytechnic School:

  • Villa Cambiaso
    Via Montallegro 1
  • Polo Opera Pia
    Via all'Opera Pia 15 A
  • Department of Architecture and Design - DAD
    Stradone Sant'Agostino 37

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Engineering Student Desk
Via Montallegro, 1
inside the park of Villa Cambiaso - in front of lecture hall A7
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