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Course Council Coordinator

He is in charge of carrying out the functions assigned to him by the University Statute and the University Teaching Regulations:

  • coordinates the committees and those responsible for the activities of the Course of Study
  • .
  • convenes the Council of the CdS
  • approves the SUA-CdS, the SMA and the RCRs

The Course of Study (CdS) is equipped with a Quality Assurance (QA) system to keep management processes under control.

Course of Study QA Committee

It deals with:

  • compiling and updating the Single Annual Form (SUA-CdS) and the Annual Monitoring Form (SMA)
  • .
  • edit the Cyclical Review Report (RCR) and monitor the progress of proposed improvement activities
  • analyze teaching evaluation questionnaires, Almalaurea questionnaires, School Joint Committee reports
  • monitor reports and requests from students, faculty and technical administrative staff
  • identify training demand and training objectives
  • develop the training pathway

Teaching Commission

  • follow student practices such as:
    • transfers
    • passes
    • approval of curricula
  • helping Erasmus students together with the International Relations office

Steering Committee

It deals with:

  • expressing needs from society and the world of work and culture
  • providing an opinion between the consistency of the course of study and specific training activities with the demand for training

Committee members

Internal members:


External members:


Regional School Office

Theaters and Conservatories


Employment Agencies

Foreign Experts

  • Anna Chahoud, Professor of Latin and Head of Department of Classics, Trinity College, Dublin
  • Giovanna Sparacello, Enseignante-chercheuse en littérature italienne, Université Rennes 2

Responsible for internships, traineeships and job orientation

It deals with:

  • promote, collect and manage proposals for internship/internship activities
  • organizing the collection of questionnaires and opinions of the institutions at which internships and placements were conducted

Website manager

It deals with:

  • updating and verifying the information on the course website

Study guidance committee

It deals with:

  • organizing orientation activities with schools and school/work alternation
  • organizing the promotion activities of the CoS to the outside world

Responsible for coordinating class schedule and exams

It deals with:

  • managing class schedules so as to avoid overlapping

  • optimize the distribution of exam dates

Responsible for international activities

It deals with:

  • coordinating students in the Erasmus+ program or other international programs
  • promote the internationalization of the LSC through outward promotional activities and faculty mobility


Responsible for Departmental Quality Assurance (RAQ)

Paolo Zublena - Department of Italianistics, Romanistics, Antiquities, Arts and Performing Arts

Paolo Calcagno - Department of Antiquities, Philosophy and History

Study Plan Committee

Responsible for access tests

Committee on transfers, transitions, recognition of exams and past careers

Other activities recognition committee

It deals with:

  • evaluate and recognize aother activities (study period abroad, relational and educational training activities at public or legally recognized institutions, attendance at conferences and seminar series closely related to curricular training)
  • taking and evaluating the computer skills test

Committee of Subject Matter Experts

Committee members

doctors of the discipline involved