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Programme overview


The M.Sc. in Engineering for Natural Risk Management educates professionals in integrated risk management (preparedness, prevention, planning, and response) aimed at reducing the impacts of natural disasters on humans, on industrial activities, and on the environment. The M.Sc. graduate can operate in all areas of safety and civil protection, in both the public and private sectors, at both the national and international levels. The M.Sc. program takes a multidisciplinary approach, which includes disciplines related especially to natural hazard modeling, information and communication technologies (ICT), and civil engineering, supplemented by elements of legislation and communication strategies for risk management. The classes are fully taught in English.

Learning by doing

The fourth semester is mostly devoted to internships and master thesis in order to facilitate international exchanges and contacts with the labor market. The M.Sc. collaborates with research institutions, companies, and public bodies that offer a wide range of internship opportunities.

Career perspectives

Typical career opportunities for M.Sc. graduates in Engineering for Natural Risk Management include:

  • Disaster emergency management in public institutions/government and non-governmental organizations (e.g., civil protection, fire-fighters, forestry corps)
  • Disaster risk reduction expert in public bodies and international organizations
  • Catastrophe risk analyst in insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Research and development sector

What you will learn

Observing and understanding

Observing and understanding the dynamics of complex environmental systems and of the related hazards

Predicting, identifying, analyzing

Predicting, identifying, analyzing, evaluating and communicating risk, according to the definition of Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

ICT to support integrated risk management

Developing and applying ICT models, methods, and technologies as a support to all phases of disaster risk management

Planning for disaster risk management

Developing integrated disaster management plans, quantifying the interactions amongst the natural hazards and with industrial hazards, managing the operational implementation of the plans

Did you know that...

You will study in a modern campus equipped with sport and housing facilities
The M.Sc. collaborates with CIMA Foundation, which is an expert center of the Italian Civil Protection Department and is located in the Savona Campus
M.Sc. graduates in Engineering for Natural Risk Management can apply to all 'Ordine degli Ingegneri' areas (Civil, Information, Industrial)


Owing to its multidisciplinary nature, the M.Sc. in Engineering for Natural Risk Management provides the students with the expertise to coordinate the activities of the complex system for the management of disasters produced by extreme natural events. The M.Sc. graduate’s profile is not strictly specialized on a single technical area but oriented to operating in the whole risk management cycle, in coordination with specialists.

This approach is reflected in the classes of the M.Sc., which encompass topics associated not only with the modeling of natural hazards but also with ICT disciplines, in the perspective that the latter are essential supports to the effectiveness and efficiency of a modern system of disaster management. The program also involves topics associated with the legal and communication aspects involved in risk management.

The classes of the M.Sc. in Engineering for Natural Risk Management address:

  • models of the phenomena that characterize natural hazards (hydrology, meteorology, seismology, etc.)
  • modern and traditional observation systems (satellite remote sensing, radars, sensor networks, etc.)
  • advanced ICT techniques
  • environmental impact of chemicals and energy systems
  • legal framework for natural risk management
  • communication and perception of risks
  • mathematical tools and stochastic modeling

Head of programme

10553_Gabriele Moser
Welcome to the M.Sc. in Engineering for Natural Risk Management!

Gabriele Moser

Where to find us

Savona Campus of the University of Genoa
Via A. Magliotto 2
17100 Savona, Italy

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Didactic Support Contact
Paola Bergantin

Student Desk of the Savona Campus
Lagorio Building, ground floor