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The course in brief


The LM is an original and innovative course of study that aims to enhance the link between tourism and the territory, interweaving global and local dimensions, and favoring an ecological and interdisciplinary approach. There are only three degrees of this class. It allows access, respecting the constraints of the Ministerial Provisions, to the A21(Geography) competition class and other classes after acquiring the disciplinary CFUs provided by Presidential Decree No. 19 of February 14, 2016.

Learning by doing

Learning and skill development will take place through group work and workshops, within professionalizing laboratories, and internship activities with operators and companies in the tourism, planning and territorial communication sectors.

Professional outlets

Tourism is a real industry for our country and for many regions including Liguria, which in recent years has seen the trend of the sector become strategic. This requires planning, timely investment and human resources, namely training. To offer a quality tourism experience, qualified figures are essential. The LM has aimed to train profiles such as:tourism planner, editor for tourism texts, geographer as territorial mediator.

What you will learn

Conoscenza e valorizzazione del territorio

Conoscere il patrimonio artistico e paesaggistico italiano

I turismi sostenibili e Territori del made in Italy

Attrattività del made in Italy e sostenibilità.

Psicologia del turista

Who and what! Tipologie e aspettative dei turisti.

Gestione dei dati e dell'innovazione digitale per il turismo

Tecnologie digitali applicate al turismo.

Management e marketing delle destinazioni turistiche

Il ruolo del destination marketing e dei suoi strumenti.

Diritto internazionale ed europeo del turismo

Orientarsi nella 'giungla' delle normative sul turismo

Did you know that.

Lo sviluppo del turismo italiano continuerà anche nel 2018 (fonte: BIT - Borsa Intern. del Turismo)

Il turismo lento - slow tourism - promuove la qualità e l'esperienza vs il turismo di massa, veloce e di consumo

L'italia ha 53 siti UNESCO, prima al mondo per patrimonio artistico-culturale e fra le prime mete consigliate.


The Master's Degree Program [LM] in 'Valorization of Territories and Sustainable Tourism' trains high-profile and specialized figures capable of assessing criticalities and potentialities of territories and providing concrete elements to implement local development and valorization policies. The course was designed taking into account consultations with stakeholders working in various capacities in the field of tourism. The professional figures are: geographer, editor for technical texts in geography and tourism, planner and specialist territorial mediator. The training of said figures takes place through a course that is developed in three areas of learning: geographic theories and models; interdisciplinary knowledge; and methodologies and techniques of communication languages. In particular, the LM trains a professional figure capable of managing the processes of interaction between the tourism and cultural systems of the territory, with the local, national and international tourism market. It provides advanced theoretical-practical skills in the field of territorial analysis and representation aimed at the potential and effective enhancement of the territory with respect to the objectives of tourism sustainability and local environmental and cultural dimensions. The interdisciplinary training, which characterizes this LM, reflects a holistic approach to socio-economic and territorial phenomena related to the sustainable development of tourism systems.


Italy is the country with the largest number of archaeological sites and buildings housing works of art, but other tourist destinations are making their mark thanks to their natural beauty and effective business policies. It is no longer enough to rely on what nature has to offer or the vestiges of our ancestors: it is necessary to enhance what we possess and propose it with new interpretations while safeguarding the territory and its inhabitants.

Nicoletta Varani

Where we are

How to get to the Pole

The LM in Valorization of Territories and Sustainable Tourism is activated at the Dept. of Education Sciences but the teaching activities will take place at the Pole of Savona, in Via Magliotto, 2.

The Polo is a real Campus equipped, in addition to the teaching rooms, with computer rooms, library, cafeteria, cafeteria service and student housing.

Inside it houses Campus Wave, the Campus radio station run by Communication Science students, WebTv and the 'Buster Keaton' Lab.

Machines and ecosustainable facilities are also designed and built on the Campus, and there is the SEB (Sustainable Energy Building) first urban "Smart City" infrastructure in Italy

How to reach the Pole

By car

The Pole is located about two kilometers from the Savona highway exit; to reach it, simply follow the signs for downtown Savona and then for "municipal stadium," "swimming pool," and "university."

By train

The train station is about three kilometers from the Polo. From the station it is possible to reach the campus by cab or by using TPL bus lines 1 or 4. The relevant timetable can be found on the Tpl Line


Via Magliotto, 2 - 17100 Savona
tel. (+39) 019 21945100, - fax (+39) 019 21945102

Savona Interfaculty Student Desk

tel. (+39) 019 21945105

Internet sites:

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The Laboratories are all aimed at providing pointing out conceptual tools but are aimed at acquiring operational skills in the presence of experts.

Students within the 4 subject areas must choose 1 workshop from the 2 proposed

AREA 1: Design, event planning and tourism enhancement (2 CFUs)

AREA 2: Tourism programming and planning (2 CFU)

AREA 3: Survey techniques and shared planning (2 CFU)

AREA 4: Organization and management of territorial policies (2 CFU