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The course in brief


It is an interclass course: a student can choose economics, and major in Economics and Business Management (L-18), or choose law and major in Legal Services (L14).

The graduate in Business Law and Economics is intended for administrative, management, and legal roles within private enterprise. He/she develops and adopts innovative legal, managerial, and administrative solutions in the business environment in the face of the increasing complexity, including regulatory complexity, of domestic and international markets.

Learning by doing

Theoretical knowledge is reflected in application during in-depth study and seminar activities organized as part of individual teachings, including with the involvement of qualified external professionals.

Through internships in private and public facilities, students can test their knowledge and acquire new practical-application skills.

Professional outlets

The business course provides access to roles in business in administration, corporate finance, management control, marketing, human resources, and business organization.

The legal major provides access to roles in business in the areas of legal, drafting and management of business contracts, labor contracts, out-of-court litigation management, compliance.

It is also possible, upon completion of internship and passing the state examination, to enter the professions of Accounting Expert and Labor Consultant.


Francesco Pesce

Welcome to the interclass degree program, born from the collaboration between the Departments of Law and Economics, which aims to train professionals with the necessary skills for a quick and successful entry into the world of work

Francesco Pesce

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