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The course in brief


The doctoral course in Marine Science and Technology brings together the disciplines and knowledge that find their field of investigation in the sea and the environment in which scientific research takes place, developing highly specialized knowledge and skills in a multidisciplinary environment. Teaching and research activities encompass the various themes and components that constitute the "Blue Growth Strategy" from a sustainable development perspective.

Training Objectives.

Objective of the doctoral course is to train young people in scientific research on Blue Growth Strategy issues according to an interdisciplinary approach. This goal is pursued over the three-year period through participation in courses specifically developed for doctoral training, participation in seminars and conferences, summer and winter schools, and inclusion in research groups, as well as constant liaison with the faculty college and the supervisor teacher of the final thesis.

Professional outlets

In addition to the opportunity to enter an academic career, Ph.D.s will be able to find employment in a variety of fields depending on the curriculum followed.
Areas of possible employment range from:

  • transportation service production companies and the logistics industry
  • industry authorities
  • public and private laboratories and research centers
  • land management bodies
  • shipyards
  • ship and nautical design studios
  • technical offices
  • project offices and/or technical department and/or R&S of companies in the ship and marine industry
  • classification bodies
  • engineering firms
  • the construction and environmental protection industry
  • manufacturing of materials


11353_Claudio Ferrari

The Ph.D. in Marine Science and Technology is the largest doctoral program in Italy on marine issues where you can carry out scientific research on multiple topics with an interdisciplinary approach:

  • the marine environment
  • transport and logistics 
  • .
  • ship and nautical construction and design
  • the marine equipment, machinery and energy systems

Claudio Ferrari

Board of teachers

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Mission and organization

The PhD in Marine Science and Technology offers the opportunity to conduct scientific research through a multidisciplinary approach to all disciplines related to the sea. The course is structured into six curricula:

  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Marine Ecosystem Science
  • Naval and Marine Engineering
  • Engineering for Marine and Coastal Environments
  • Machines and Energy Systems for the Sea
  • Naval and Nautical Design

International Collaborations

All six curricula of the doctoral program in marine science and technology develop international collaborations as evidenced by the participation in the teaching board of numerous scholars belonging to foreign universities and research centers.

Research and training activities

Educational offerings

Educational activities

Educational activities