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The course in brief


Through the promotion of research projects with a high scientific profile, the course aims to perfect the cultural and professional training of scholars active in the fields of history, art history, archaeology and the enhancement of cultural heritage.
The course is presented as an innovative and interdisciplinary doctoral program, both in terms of the graduate classes from which the doctoral students come, and in terms of the College of Teachers. In addition, thanks to the participation in the College of numerous scholars from qualified foreign universities and research centers, as well as faculty responsible for international research projects (ERCs), the course is proposed as an international doctoral program. Within a rich educational offer and an interdisciplinary cultural proposal, specialized paths related to three directions are outlined:

  • History
  • History of Art
  • Archeology/Environmental History

Training Objectives.

In addition to in-depth study of the different areas of specialization, the course's educational activities aim to provide doctoral students with:

  • methodological skills in research development and planning
  • scientific research skills, aimed at achieving results worthy of publication
  • skills in critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of complex ideas
  • peer communication skills, within the scientific community and broader public, in the context of specific research topics
  • ability to promote social and cultural advances, based on scientific knowledge, in specific academic and professional contexts

Professional outlets

The doctoral course is designed to provide structured preparation, necessary skills and appropriate methodological tools to those who wish to become professional researchers in the fields of history, art history, archaeology and environmental history in academic settings or at other research centers and institutions, public or private, nationally and internationally.


Welcome to the doctoral course in The Study and Enhancement of Historical, Artistic-Architectural and Environmental Heritage.

Within the course we offer our students the opportunity to conduct research based on historical, theoretical and methodological modes of inquiry in the disciplinary fields of history, art history, archaeology and heritage studies from antiquity to the present day. Our doctoral students are invited to attend interdisciplinary courses and seminars specially designed to provide them with opportunities to share their work and collaborate with their mentors and colleagues. Each year we invite academics and scholars from all over the world to present and discuss their research, thus offering our students the opportunity to interact with a plurality of experts in our various disciplines.This allows our researchers not only to receive new insights into the topics at the heart of their research, but also to establish interpersonal relationships that will be useful to them as they enter the world of academia and research.

Paola Valenti

International Collaborations

The course encourages international collaboration through the systematic promotion of research projects to be carried out in co-tutorship with faculty from foreign universities. The international profile of the course is also ensured by the composition of the College, which includes 25 percent of faculty and scholars from qualified foreign universities and research centers and counts among its members a 2019 ERC Starting Grant PI.

Dedicated site

To get more information, visit the site dedicated to this doctorate.