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What is

For admission to the graduate examination, you must have completed all of the credits required by the educational regulations of your degree program.

The graduate examination consists of a compilative or experimental thesis.

The compilatory thesis consists of a paper collecting and evaluating data from scientific literature on a topic covered during your degree program.

The experimental thesis consists of the evaluation of data in laboratory activities to prepare a written paper with original experimental results.

You may develop part of the thesis, if necessary, at external laboratories (from another university, industry, etc. ) under the guidance of a scientific tutor approved by the course council.

Theses involve, indicatively, a commitment of:

  • six months for compilative theses
  • one year for experimental theses

You will have 20 minutes including the presentation and discussion of your paper.

For each session:

  • 5-7 candidates
  • will be evaluated.
  • a final proclamation
  • is planned.

The graduation sessions are open to the public except for the evaluation stage.

Mode of thesis assignment

To request the thesis:

  1. Read the Thesis Assignment Regulations
  2. .
  3. Contact the professor for thesis assignment. You must have acquired at least 150 CFU
  4. to apply for the thesis.
  5. Fill out exclusively on the pc the thesis assignment form
  6. Send an email to the lecturer attaching the completed form
  7. Consult the list of thesis assignments

When in doubt, contact the One Stop Shop