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CFU Recognition

To apply for recognition of other credits you must submit the Committee on Other Credits contact professor, at least three months before the final discussion, the specific form with a paper trail stating:

  • the activity performed and/or the competence acquired
  • the duration of the activity

Recording of CFUs related to Training and Orientation Internships, Other Knowledge Useful for Job Placement, and Stages and Internships only takes place provided that the corresponding code has been entered in your study plan.

N.B.In specific and justified cases you can apply to the Commission for the recognition of CFUs provided for the internship through substitute activities (e.g., advanced age of the requesting student or disability-related problems). The validity of substitute activities for the recognition of internship credits may be recognized in case of:

  • health emergency (if it makes the implementation of the internship problematic)
  • proven urgency of acquiring credits for the completion of training