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What are

The course of study includes the obligation to acquire CFUs by performingOther Activities that are closely related to your university course and useful for your placement in the world of work.


In order to graduate you must obtain 5 CFUs (6 CFUs if you enrolled before 2018/19) of other activities, broken down as follows:

  • 3 CFUs for other activities
  • 2 CFUs for internships and externships

You can enter the code for other activities in your study plan indifferently in the first, second and third year.

N.B.The other activities can be carried out at any time during the three years but you can only apply for their recognition provided that you have entered the corresponding code in your study plan. If you have not entered it, you will still be able to perform the activities useful for earning "other" credits. However, to submit the documentation you will have to wait until the following academic year, when you enter the code of the educational activity in your plan.