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Recognized activities

You can earn other credits by attending conferences, congresses, colloquia, seminars, organized by the course of study, the Department of Antiquities, Philosophy and History and the School of Humanities.

Below you will find the detailed list of activities that are considered valid for credit:

  • traineeships and internships
  • stages
    carried out at the UniGe Libraries, as per the agreements between the management of the Departments, of CSBs and the course of study
  • certified volunteer
    activities carried out at legally recognized institutions
  • participation in training activities
    at foreign universities within the framework of mobility programs international
  • certification of computer skills
    carried out by a lecturer appointed by the course of study
  • courses in methodology of philosophical research and methodology of psychological research
  • attendance at seminars, congresses and conferences
    organized by the Department of Antiquities, Philosophy and History, the School of Humanities and the Ligurian Philosophical Association