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CFU Recognition

To apply for the recognition of other credits, you must hand in your application to the chairman of the Commission for Other Credits, at least two months before the final discussion:

  • the application form (available below, as an attachment)
  • .
  • paperwork certifying the activity performed, the competence acquired and the duration of the activity

Acknowledgement of attendance at activities is made in relation to the hours attended and reported on the specific form (available below, in annex).

To find out more, read the 'Criteria for the acceptance and evaluation of proposals for initiatives to be claimed as other credits'.

Criteria for Acceptance and Evaluation of Proposals for Initiatives to be Validated as Other Claims

At the arrival of a proposed initiative or activity, the committee chairman:

  1. assesses the congruence (C) of the proposal with the themes of the course disciplines (with a variable percentage weighting):
    - for philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, etc. the weight will be 1
    - for related subjects (literary, etc.) it may range from 0.5 to 0.8
  2. .
  3. estimate the number of hours (O) for which you will be engaged and whether any additional work by the participants is planned for the proposed activity (e.g. lecture report on an external seminar attended). So remember to specify this and quantify it in number of hours for further commitment (Ou)
  4. .
  5. communicate to the Coordinator and to the entire Commissionthe data necessary for the evaluation: title, date(s), time(s) and place(s), congruence (C), number of hours (O), possible number of additional hours (Ou), documentation produced by the proposer
  6. .

The evaluation to be associated with the initiative is calculated by the Coordinator according to this formula:

evaluation = C × (O + Ou) / 25 (rounded to the nearest tenth)

The initiative will be published by the Coordinator on the course website. You will then be able to participate in the activity and have the specific form signed by the lecturer present. When you have collected certificates for a total of 1 CFU (or multiples), you will have to ask the chairperson of the committee to register the credit.

N.B.The grade indicated on the website will be the "maximum" grade for the activity, but what you will actually be credited with will be in relation to the actual number of hours on the module.