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What is

The undergraduate examination consists of the discussion of a thesis, before a committee, prepared under the guidance of a thesis advisor and a co-rapporteur.

The thesis may be of the following character:

  • experimental
  • theoretical-systematic
  • historical-philosophical
  • may deal with your internship experience

You may choose as a speaker any faculty member of the University who teaches a discipline belonging to a scientific-disciplinary field in which you have taken at least one exam. In case the lecturer does not belong to the degree course, the co-rapporteur will necessarily have to be one.

You may write the paper:

  • in Italian
  • in another language of the European Union (English, French, German, Spanish), if your supervisor and co-rapporteur agree

To be admitted to the final examination, you must have passed the examinations of all the subjects included in your study plan and obtained the credits related to the other educational activities required by the regulations.