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The vote must take into consideration:

  • your curricular background
  • the result of the test discussion

To the weighted average of the grades obtained during your course of study, expressed in hundredths, are added:

  • 1 point if you have participated in an international mobility program during which you have successfully taken examinations for at least 12 CFU for a period of study equal to one semester and at least 18 CFU for a period of study equal to two consecutive semesters
  • up to 6 points for the quality of the final paper (quality of the final paper; ability to present and discuss the paper, responding to questions formulated by the committee)

When the score reaches (or exceeds) 110, the committee unanimously may award the lode upon the proposal of the rapporteur.

N.B. You can graduate only if you scored no less than 66 out of 110.